Regarding reservation
  • How to make the reservation and purchase for buying ticket?​ ​
    Booking from the Internet only.
    For details, please refer to "Usage Guide".
    ※ We do not make inquiries for vacancies or rates via telephone or e-mail.
     ⇒ https://airtrip-global.com/page/userguide
    How many days I should buy the ticket before the departure date?
    Reservation is possible up to 5 days before departure.
    Can I request to be on cancellation waiting list?
    We do not provide any service for cancellation waiting list.
    When cancellation fee will be charged?
    Cancellation charges will be incurred when you pay the price.

    For details, please refer to "About cancellation and change"


    ※ Please understand that we do not inquire cancellation fee before receiving a cancellation request.

    May I book the special requests such as meals?
    Since we do not accept requests for additional luggage or special meals, please contact the airline as soon as an e-ticket holder arrives.​ ​
    How do I add mileage points?
    Since we do not process any mileage point related procedure, please process at the airport at departure.
    What methods of payment are available?
    Only VISA/MASTER JCB AMEX Diners credit card transaction is available.
    Can I issue a receipt?
    Regarding the issue of the receipt, check out PDF file on the reservation confirmation page.
    Can I reissue my E-ticket after the flight?
    Regarding air tickets already done with the flight can not be reissued. Please check the e-ticket holder you brought while traveling, or the ticket of the air ticket when you boarded.
    Is passport information necessary for making a reservation?
    Passport information is mandatorily necessary for travling to America, China and some European countries.
    Please double check the expiration date of the passport before going to the airport.
    Can I purchase a ticket without passport information?
    If there is no passport information for every passenger, we can not support you with the reservation.
    Can I purchase an open ticket?
    We do not handle open tickets.
    Regarding double booking
    If you apply for airline company or period in duplicate, all reservations may be forcibly be cancelled by the airline company.
    If you wish to re-apply by mistake in schedule or other issue, please cancel the current reservation and apply for a new one. If you have made a payment, the cancellation fee will be charged.
    Can underage reserve alone?
    People under 18 cannot reserve by himself online. With the carrier rules, there are times passenger under 18 cannot travel by themselves. We would need to check for the details and if your flight is allowed for underage passenger, we will continuously support you for the flight ticket. Please contact us to the inquiry number below.
Regarding using the service
  • No search results are displayed.
    There is a possibility that the ticket you are looking for is out of the sales period or sold out.
    If you can not find the ticket you are looking for, please re-search with another date, at another airport.
After the reservation
  • How do I receive my E-ticket?
    When an e-ticket is issued, E-mail will be sent to the customer and print the PDF file from the mypage.
    I do not have printer. How do I get the e-ticket?
    Please try the printing service at a convenience store nearby or at an environment with a printer for the E-ticket printing.​ ​
    * For details on how to use the printing service, please check yourself from the following URL.
    [Reference] Services to print at convenience stores

    Network Print service【Seven Eleven】 ⇒ http://www.printing.ne.jp/
    Network print service 【Circle K Sunkus, Seicomart, FamilyMart, Lawson】 ⇒ https://networkprint.ne.jp/sharp_netprint/ja/top.aspx

    I have made an reservation inquiry but I do not receive any mail.​ ​
    If "automatic reply mail" from us does not arrive immediately, there may be an error in the mail address registered or it may have been filtered in the spam message folder. Please have a double check on the mail address and mail inbox setting.​
    ​In addition, in case of free mail user(Gmail, Hotmail, etc.), there is a risk of being automatically sorted into the spam message folder, so please have a double check.​
    If you do not receive "Automatic reply mail" immediately, please contact us from the inquiry form. Sorry about your inconvenience.
Making changes/cancellation after completing a reservation
  • Can I change or cancel my reservation?
    Cancellation fee will be charged as soon as payment is made.
    For cancellation after payment is completed will cost cancellation charge of airline company and our cancellation service fee.
    You can not change reservation after payment is completed.
    If you wish to change the reservation details, cancel the reservation and make a re-reservation.
    The cancellation fee specified by the airline company and our cancellation fee will be charged.

    For details, please refer to "Change of reservation, About cancellation".
    ※ Please understand that we do not inquire cancellation fee before receiving a cancellation request.

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