Guidance before the departure

1 / Passport remaining duration and visa (visa)
  • Depending on the country to be traveled and the purpose of entry, the requirements for the remaining validity period of the passport will differ.
    If the necessary residual valid period is insufficient, you can not leave. Please be careful.​ ​
    If the remaining validity period is not enough, please be sure to complete the renewal procedure before the departure.

  • It is a permit to enter the destination country. However, even if you have obtained a visa, the immigration officer will be the one to decide on entry permission at the time of immigration control.
    A visa may be required depending on the destination country.

※ Please make sure for visa need at transit even if you are going to pass through the airport for a short period of time.​

※ Passport information is mandatorily necessary for travling to America, China and some European countries.
Please double check the expiration date of the passport before going to the airport.

※Some flights require detailed passport information during the reservation inquiry. The operator will contact you if its necessary.

2/ Regarding travel destination safety information
3/ Regarding eTA application
4 / ESTA application
5 / ETAS application
6 / About baggage
  • Please note the airline rules for airline carry-on baggage and free checked baggage are different, so please check the rules of the airline you use.

※ When the number, size and weight are over, you may be asked for a high excess charge.

7 / About designation of seat
  • Please designate your seat by yourself at each airline's check-in screen.

※ There may be cases where the advance seat arrangement is not accepted.
※ Seating fee may be charged.


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