How to use

1 / Ticket Search
  • Select the departure city, destination city, departure date of outbound, departure date of return, passenger number, seating class from the search box on the TOP page and click the「search」button.

2.1 / Display search results
  • Search results will be displayed under specified conditions.

2.2 / Refine search
  • Search by narrowing down the airlines, tariff zones, time zones, transit.

3 / Application
  • Please fill in the customer information and click NEXT (confirmation of input content) button to proceed to the confirmation page.​
    Boarding is not permitted if even one character of passport notation is different.


About Hembon formula romaji notation. ⇒ Your name can not be different from your passport even if it is a single letter
Please enter in the order of [Last name] [First name]
Please select [Gender] as stated in your passport
Customers who do not own a passport, please refer to "Hepburn style romanization notation" and enter so that there is no mistake. ※ Hepburn style romaji is a notation applied when obtaining passport. Example) SHI / "TSU /" Ji · Ji "JI /" Suzu "ZU /" Sho "SHO /" Shu "SHU /" Ju "JU


※ You can not proceed unless you enter ALL 「required」field.


The information you enter becomes very important when issuing a ticket. If there is an error in the content, you can not board on the aircraft.
Please do not make a mistake in any input.​ ​



  • Passenger under 18, traveling alone cannot reserve online. Please call us to the inquiry.

4 / Confirmation of application contents
  • Confirm the contents entered on the application form.

  • If there is no issue with the contents of the confirmation screen, please click on the APPLY button.

  • If there is an error in the input content, please click the RETURN button to the previous screen and correct the information.

  • Please check on【About airline ticket rules】 【About reservation amendment/cancellation】 【About changing reservation】

  • It is convenient for future reservation if you become our member now.

※ The contract gets established at the time of application completion with instant payment by credit card.


※ After the contract is established, it will be subjected for cancellation fee.


※ Confirmation mail will be delivered to registered e-mail address. Be sure to check on the reservation status even on members' own personal page.

5 / Application completed
  • We will send you a reservation & settlement completion mail stating the contents of your input to the customer's email address entered.

6 / Print airline tickets, issue receipt
  • Please click on the upper right corner of the TOP page 「Confirm reservation」and enter the application number, applicant's name, telephone number, mail address on the next screen.

  • Details of reservation details will be displayed for you to print out the airline tickets, issued receipts, and cancellation request.


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